Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Panagbenga 2009 : To the Beat of Drums, Lyre and More...

Panagbenga is a celebration of sounds and music. Indigenous instruments are mixed with modern drums and wind instruments that produce sound that is authentically Baguio. Although, participants play and dance to different tunes, one constant tune is the Panagbenga Theme composed by Prof. Macario Fronda of the St. Louis University. The rhythm and movements of the Bendian dance, an Ibaloi dance of celebration was adapted. The circular movements of the dance speak of unity and harmony among the members of the tribe. Here are some photos of the participants playing instrument in this year's Panagbenga Festival:

Dance to the Beat of the Drums

A Colorful Boy Playing Trumpet

The Ringing Sounds of Xylophones

Thump to the Sound of Native Gongs

Makeshift Colorful Drums

Headgears and Flutes

Even a Kid Plays the Drums

More photos of the Panagbenga Parade on my next posts...


  1. So much colour! Nice photos! : )

  2. Such an interesting and colorful parade.

  3. The parade is so colorful! I could almost feel myself there!


  4. brilliant idea of presenting your photos---all musical instruments at the Panagbenga. beautiful colors to go with the beat...

  5. Very colorful photos of your festival.

  6. I can only imagine what it must have been like to experience that! The sounds, the sights (you covered those so well!) and the smells!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. ang cute nung bata sa last pic :D

  8. i'm off to baguio this weekend

    di na kami sa veniz
    sa microtel na
    surprisingly, mas mahal sa veniz
    may corporate discount kami sa microtel, eh

    sayang di ko na naabutan ang festival

    ukay2x na lang

  9. Very sharp and colorful pictures. That was a very nice parade. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love this post, very very vivid colors...this makes me want to go to Panagbenga next year, February siya ano, mapag-ipunan ko nga!

  11. parang cute yung butterfly shades.

    I wish I could experience this festival soon.

  12. ¿Tambien estais de carnaval? los colores son preciosos.
    Un saludo

  13. dito ka pala nagenjoy habang nasa pinatubo kami! ang saya naman! ang gaganda ng mga costumes nila :)

    mas lalo pang pinaganda ng mga shots mo! :)

  14. hanep naman the cone headgear! i forgot the name of the flower hehe

    i bet napapasayaw ka sa beat while taking shots haha

    great shots!

  15. hanep naman the cone headgear! i bet napapasayaw ka sa beat while taking your great shots :-)

  16. Everyone loves a parade. It's the same here in the USA.

  17. ang lalaki nung xylophones. na-miss ko tuloy bigla magplay nun.

  18. What is a festival without the music and dancing. Napakacolorful pa. San ka pa?

  19. i like that boy's multicolor butterfly headgear! :)