Sunday, March 17, 2013

Palawan : Port Barton's Bigaho Waterfalls

The Enchanting Bigaho Waterfalls
To continue where I left off (oh boy, that was a long time), let me feature the second waterfalls I have visited in Port Barton - the Bigaho Waterfalls located in, well, Sitio Bigaho.
Au Naturel
Misty Magical
While Pamoayan Waterfalls is bigger and longer, Bigaho Waterfalls has more cascades and rock formations so I like it better. In fact, it is a photographer's paradise because every corner provides a photo opportunity with combinations of boulders of all sizes coupled with flowing waters above it. And if you have noticed in the first photo, there was even a boulder that resembles a contoured-face. Can you spot it?

Cascades Everywhere
Fountain Falls
Also, there is a thick foliage of greens that seems to protect the falls from the sun so shooting the place in a somber mood does not impose any problem. The problem is, in a place like this, you just want to forget shooting and just lay there or laze around and just appreciate one of mother nature's gift to mankind.

Cottony Soft
Bigaho Waterfalls can be reached via a twenty-minute boat ride from Port Barton proper and then a short and easy 15-minute trek from the white sand beaches of Sitio Bigaho up the Water Falls. There is no regular boat ride to Bigaho so you need to rent a boat for about 500 pesos to get you there. Or when you opt for am island-hopping package, you may ask your boatman to include Bigaho in your itinerary because going in Bigaho Waterfalls could very well be one of the highlights of your Port Barton experience because it definitely was one of mine.


  1. Another beautiful place you have been to.

    1. Yup, that is why I chose this place as my top travel last year. Thanks for the visit.

  2. I do love waterfalls, Oman, and these are all breathtaking -- and so are your captures for the day as always! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Sylvia, breath-taking it is. I can still picture the place in my mind.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi,

      Thanks. Although I am quite busy with my new job I hope I could update this blog once in a while.

  4. I just love the first photo and I can see the face-like stone in there.

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks, quite interesting isn't it?


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