Saturday, November 05, 2011

Jazzin' D' Urban Lake

Man-made lakes are common in the Philippines. Famous ones include the Burnham Lake in Baguio and Caliraya Lake in Quezon. And since there is an unmistakable love affair between man and water, these lakes are usually the main attraction in a place where man frequently go such as in a park or a resort. So, it is no wonder that corporate real estate developers include artificial lakes as part of their community.

The name of the place sounds like of a viral Wondergirl song (yeah, the only popular one), and is part of an iconic evoliving battlecry of a huge real estate developer.

Although I am a bit partial when it comes to artificial ones, ('cause there is nothing like the real thing), artificial lakes serve their purpose too - and that is mainly recreational.

Take for instance this man-made lake south of the Metro (where all these shots were taken). This lake is home to thousand kois which everyone can feed for a fee. There is also a motorized boat for hire which will tour you around the lake. There are about three fountains on the lake where your boat will nearly pass.

Or you may just opt to rent a bicycle and paddle your way on a concrete trail around the lake - all for a fee of course.

However, if commercialization is not your thing, you can just find a spot under a tree there and just wait for the sun to set. For amidst urbanization, one can still find something worth shooting at.

So, if you happen to travel to Tagaytay or Sta. Rosa, Laguna, why not pass this place and enjoy what this place has to offer - even for a few hours.


  1. I love bodies of water whether natural or man-made (although I'm partial to oceans) but right now I am thrilled with the yellow skies you have captured here. Fabulous!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. I love the sunset pics.. nice shots.

  3. may prenup na naganap? =)

    lets meet, sa starbucks harbor sq kami tumatambay. lesgow!

  4. i haven't visited your blog for quite some time. sorry. :)

    is this in nuvali? i agree, the man-made lakes serve as a recreational amenity. but in many cases, like in caliraya, the lake was expanded for water supply purposes. im not sure about nuvali's. i think it's a retention lake to carry the water run off during heavy rains. ayan naging technical na. hehe

    nice pics! is the sunset real? lol

  5. this looks like nuvali. passed it a couple of times but haven't really stopped to check it out. i also gravitate to any body of water, even a puddle gets my attention.:p

    p.s. i wonder why you haven't been to Coron yet. punta ka na on your next vacation, sulit na sulit!

  6. These are all lovely lakes. Even though they are artificial, they are still lovely and soothing to the eyes. Beautiful sunset capture! I don't know if I'll ever be in the Philippines, but I enjoy virtual tours there!

  7. I like that there is a lot of green here, I can see grasses in the background.

  8. I love your pictures, let's go to Lake Sebu, it's not artificial there.

  9. Eventhough it's artificial, it still looks cool.

  10. i think finding a spot under the tree will be my kind of trip for this place. relaxing.

  11. Nice sunset photos. I would love to just go there and relax.

  12. nice capture!
    I like the saturation of your pictures

  13. i rmmbr joining Nuvali tour last yr, and accidentally deleted the pix kaya d ko na xa na post, good thing found it again. so dahil nainggit ako sa post mu (ako na ang inggitera), po-post ko na din xa soon., haha ganda ng mga kuha esp the 1st one. :)


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