Thursday, October 25, 2007

Magellan's Cross

"The kiosk of Magellane's Cross was built in 1836 by then Bishop of Cebu Santos Gomez Marañon to commemorate the Portuguese Navigator Ferdinand Magellan who successfully reached the Indies by taking a different and by then unknown route, the Pacific.

Although the original cross erected by Magellan and his men in 1521 may no longer be there but the kiosk is a potent symbol of the presence of Catholicism in the Philippines. The kiosk is made of coral stone while its roof is made of teja or clay tiles. It is a landmark of Cebu City and synonymous to the city which proudly emblazons it as its corporate seal.

The kiosk of Magellan's Cross is very significant in the sense that it reminds everyone who go to the site that almost five centuries ago, the Christian faith was brought to Cebu and from thence to the entire Philippine archipelago."

The text and photo above were lifted from postcards that I have bought from the Museum of the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño De Cebu.

Here are few shots I have taken of the famous Cross of Cebu:

The next stop of our tour is a visit to the famous Magellan's Cross. It is located along Magallanes Street and its kiosk is situated just in front of the entrance of the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. My very first reaction when I saw the Cross was that "It looks bigger in the pictures". Yes, the cross ain't that big and the kiosk itself could only allow not more than a dozen visitors. And if you happen to visit the place with several tourists, it could take you awhile before your picture could be taken in the altar below the cross.

However, the painting in the ceiling of the kiosk is truly amazing. By looking at the painting, you can't help but remember those things taught to us in school and in the church - specifically on the birth of Christianity in the Philippines. Visiting the Cross is a good time for reminiscin'.


  1. Its nice to go to places such as that. Its very informative. Keep it up.

  2. Been there. Thanks for visiting our city.

  3. This place is not really that beautiful nor breathtaking. The chapel and the cross are smaller than you'll expect. You won't even spend more than 5 minutes inside, and outside there are lots of vendors, beggars and wanderers. What makes this place worth visiting is that this place is unmistakably Cebu! In fact, it is the symbol of Cebu City, as you can see from the official city seal. Take your pictures here and show 'em to your friends and enemies, like through friendster. The pictures will tell the world you've been to Cebu.

  4. I would love to visit the place someday :) Thanks for sharing all the info.


  6. rasa from malaysia4:21 PM, October 25, 2007

    I haven't been to the PH but am dying to go. I love tropical islands and PH has thousands of them. I love the islands in Palawan, Bohol, and the list goes on. I want to go to everyone of them. You guys are too lucky to be in PH. :)

  7. ganda ng cebu. sana makapunta ko jan. salamt po sa pagdalawa sa aking blog. ingats!

  8. @ yan - thanx for dropping by.

    @ greg - your welcome greg, i promise to come back.

    @ alec - oo nga maliit lang sya pero maganda pa rin.

  9. @ sayote queen - thanx for the visit, do go to cebu, i am sure mag-eenjoy ka.

  10. @ chalacuna - ok, checked it out and its quite informative. thanx.

    @ raya - your country is also beautiful. i was there four years ago nut only in Johor. Hope i could check out other places there too.