Monday, April 30, 2007

Blow Out

Friday - April 27

Since we have decided to do my Blow-Out Celebration at home, we hurriedly do some finishing touches on Mom's Garden. We have remade some corners and improved some landscapes of our home. We have also redecorated the garage/parking area so some tables can be fitted-in. We are very proud and happy of the result. Here are a couple of pics from the garden:

Saturday - April 28, 2007

We have prepared lunch and dinner for our guests. The menu for lunch included pancit canton, chop suey, menudo, pork hamonado with quail eggs, chicken pastel and lechon . Deserts are banana, ice cream, fruit salad and puto. The menu for dinner included relyenong bangus, kalderetang kambing and lechon paksiw. Deserts are leche flan, chinese gulaman salad and crema de fruta.

Thank You to all those who have come and celebrated with me. My family and relatives, my officemates and workmates, my classmates and friends from way back and to my neighboors and other acquaintances.

Syempre, Thank you to those who contributed to the occassion. Engineer Al, Ate Lorie, Bobby, Budda, Ate Ester, Pervil Cosmetics and Kapitan Ediset for the Lechon (Grabe dami Lechon dumating). Kapitan Edgardo for the ice cream, Nida for Leche Flan and Cassava Cake. Ellen B. for the puto. Ate Ellen L. for the relyeno. Ate Susan for the Crema de Fruta. Tito Ambet for the Kalamay. Ate Mina for the yema rolls. Ante and Carmi for the kalderetang kambing. And many others I forgot. And also to the cooks from Sumacab and Polilio. And of course - to Kuya Ednor from Chicago who financed the Blow-Out. THANK YOU!!!

Sunday - April 29, 2007

As my treat to those who organized yesterday's event, we went to Greenlanes Resort in Kalikid Sur, Cabanatuan City.

Greenlanes is one of the better resorts in Cabanatuan. It has four swimming pools (2 for adults and two for children). It has its own rooms, function hall and cottages that you can rent. Entrance for adult is Php80 while for children is Php40 only.


  1. Just happen to pass by your blog and cant help congratulating you. I bet it is really hard working and studying at the same time but your success must be doubly sweeter. Again congratulations to you and your family.

  2. Bloghopping. Nice garden. I always dream of a nice garden. I like your first picture.

  3. Andaya. Hindi man lang nagyaya. andami pa namang litson. :-)

  4. @ babyblab - thank u. sabi mo pa. i used to work double time and doing all the balancing act possible.

  5. @ wine - cheers too. ur good for d heart. lol.

  6. @ transgene - thank u for dropping by.

  7. @ panyero aryo - sayang di tayo nagkita ng oath-taking, kailan ka sign ng roll of attorneys? ako bukas pa (may 3).

  8. Hi, i like the picture of your garden. It reminds me of a park. Anyways, congratulations, your brother gave me your blog.

  9. Blog Hop!!! Weeeeee!!!

  10. Attorney, hindi mo ako inimbita, ha! hehehe.

    I live in Dagupan, only three hours from Cabanatuan. We used to go there often from 1999-2004 because my brother and his family resided there during that time. My sis in law worked as principal of that Montessori School in Bangad? I don't quite recall well now, I think the name is St. Anne Montessori.. umm.. my memory is failing me.

    Anyway, I'm glad your blowout went well. Congrats again!

  11. ha, I am going to try out my thought, your post get me some good ideas, it's really amazing, thanks.

    - Thomas